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Being involved in the litigation of a family law legal matter is emotionally exhausting and mentally draining. The same can certainly be said for finding yourself the accused in a criminal prosecution. Choosing an attorney to represent you in a family law or a criminal law case can be a stressful and confusing process, particularly if you have never before needed one. Knowing that the outcome may impact you and your family for many years to come, making the right choice is imperative.  The family and criminal law attorneys at Bennett & Michael have been fighting for the rights of the accused and defending the rights of parents and their children in Grundy County, Tennessee for several decades and we would be honored to be given the opportunity to protect and defend you and your rights.

Grundy County, Tennessee

Located in south central Tennessee, Grundy County covers 361 square miles and was home to 13,703 residents as of the 2010 Census. The county seat is Altamont, Tennessee which was founded in the 1840s. The majority of the county sits approximately 1,800 feet above sea level atop the Cumberland Plateau.

The history of Grundy County dates back to the first half of the 19th century. One of the first towns to be settled in the county was the resort town of Beersheba Springs in the 1830s. Located near the current site of a popular wilderness area known as the Savage Gulf, the area’s natural mineral springs and beautiful views drew visitors from across the country.

Grundy County continues to beckon visitors to its natural beauty. Some people come to hike, camp, or rock climb in the vast wilderness of South Cumberland State Park while others are simply drawn to the beautiful vistas and grand waterfalls that can be found throughout the county.  Families also like to spend a day at Grundy Lakes Park where they can swim, walk the nature trails, and enjoy a picnic by stream.

Bennett & Michael in the Grundy County, Tennessee Community

Whether you are in a battling for custody of your children in a divorce or fighting to prove your innocence in a criminal prosecution, the need for an aggressive, experienced, and competent attorney is the key to a favorable outcome. The attorneys and staff at Bennett & Michael  understand what you are going through. We know you are worried about the eventual outcome of your case while also dealing with the emotional havoc the litigation is wreaking on your life and trying to navigate a justice system with which you are unfamiliar. At Bennett & Michael we are dedicated to defending and protecting our friends and neighbors in Grundy County, Tennessee. If you find yourself in need of a family law or criminal defense attorney, we would be honored to protect and defend you.

Family law matters are among the most emotional of all court cases. Whether you are battling for custody, petitioning for conservatorship of a parent with dementia, or finalizing an adoption, your emotions will be running high. Factor in the fact that you are probably attempting to navigate a legal system that can confound even veterans of the system and the likelihood of making a mistake increases dramatically. Given the importance of the outcome and your likely emotional state, the guidance and advocacy of an experienced family law attorney is crucial. The family law attorneys at Bennett & Michael have the compassion to truly empathize with your situation as well as the skill and determination to fight for your rights.

First-time defendants in a criminal case frequently make costly mistakes during the earliest stages of a criminal investigation or prosecution because of their inexperience with the system. If you find yourself under arrest or the target of criminal investigation, remember a few basic rules. Do not discuss your case with anyone, including your spouse, your mother, your best friend, your co-defendant, or your cellmate.  Your conversation with your defense attorney is confidential; however, anything you say to anyone else is not.  Do not answer questions. The police are not your friends and it is perfectly legal for them to lie to you during an investigation. Instead, ask for an attorney – repeatedly if necessary. Finally, do not make your situation worse by attempting to flee or by drowning your sorrows and getting in more trouble. Instead, contact the criminal defense team at Bennett & Michael.

Whether you need a family law or criminal defense attorney, the team at Bennett & Michael is committed to aggressively and zealously represent you and your rights throughout your interaction with the Grundy County, Tennessee court system.

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