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Family law and criminal law are by far, two of the most emotional charged areas of the law. Whether you are litigating a divorce or you find yourself accused of committing a crime, the outcome of your case will have a profound impact on the rest of your life. Knowing that, your choice of legal representation takes on a heightened importance. Choosing the right attorney to represent you can be difficult, however, if you have never before needed a family law or criminal defense attorney. The family and criminal law attorneys at Bennett & Michael have been fighting for the rights of the accused and defending the rights of parents and their children in Wilson County, Tennessee for several decades and we would be honored to be given the opportunity to protect and defend you and your rights.

Wilson County, Tennessee

Located just east of Nashville, Tennessee, Wilson County covers 583 square miles and had a population of 113,993 residents as of the 2010 Census.  Although the county seat of Wilson County is Lebanon, the largest city in the county is Mt. Juliet. Wilson County is part of the Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin, TN Metropolitan Statistical Area which has a combined population of almost two million residents.

Named for Major David Wilson, a Revolutionary War veteran and statesman, Wilson County was created in 1799 from a portion of Sumner County. The county remained predominantly agrarian throughout the 19th century. The arrival of the railroad after the Civil War boosted the county’s timber sector, and several large factories were constructed in the county during the early 20th century.

Wilson County was the site of an important saltpeter mine. Saltpeter is the main ingredient of gunpowder and was obtained by leaching the earth from Valley Cave. Valley Cave is located near Statesville. Numerous saltpeter hoppers still inside the cave indicate that this was a relatively large mining operation. These saltpeter vats may date from either the War of 1812 mining era or the Civil War mining era, or perhaps both.

Today, Wilson County retains much of its old southern charm while offering easy access to modern amenities located in a large metropolitan city. For residents and visitors alike, Wilson County offers an idyllic blend of old and new.

Bennett & Michael in the Wilson County, Tennessee Community

One thing that both family law and criminal law have in common is the need for an experienced and aggressive attorney on your side. The attorneys at Bennett & Michael understand the strain a contentious custody battle or a criminal prosecution puts on everyone involved.  It can be extremely difficult to handle the emotional upheaval while simultaneously trying to focus on your legal strategy and attempting to navigate a justice system with which you are unfamiliar. At Bennett & Michael we are dedicated to defending and protecting our friends and neighbors in Wilson County, Tennessee. Whether you are involved in family law litigation or a criminal prosecution, we are committed to defending your rights and protecting your future.

Family law can involve anything from the elation of adoption to the anger of divorce or the despair of petitioning for conservatorship of a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s. When emotions run high, mistakes are often made. Given what is often at stake in a family law legal matter, those mistakes can have serious, life-altering, consequences. The best way to prevent making a costly mistake is to have an experienced family law attorney on your side throughout the proceedings. The family law attorneys at Bennett & Michael understand what you are going through and will fight for you and your rights.

The first few days of a criminal investigation or prosecution are often the most important for a suspect or defendant. This is also when people tend to make costly mistakes that can seriously undermine their defense. If you find yourself under investigation for a crime, or you are actually arrested and charged with a crime, keep a few basic rules in mind.

  1. Do not discuss your case with anyone. This includes your spouse, your mother, your best friend, your co-defendant, or your cellmate. Your conversations with your defense attorney are confidential; however, anyone else could be forced to testify against you down the road.
  2. Do not answer questions. The police are not your friends and it is perfectly legal for them to lie to you during an investigation. Instead, ask for an attorney – repeatedly if necessary.
  3. Remain calm and don’t panic. Do not make your situation worse by attempting to flee or by drowning your sorrows and getting in more trouble. Instead, contact the criminal defense team at Bennett & Michael.

Whether you need a family law or criminal defense attorney, the team at Bennett & Michael is committed to aggressively and zealously represent you and your rights throughout your interaction with the Wilson County, Tennessee court system.

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