Murfreesboro, Tennesee

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Murfreesboro History

Located in central Tennessee, approximately 40 miles southeast of Nashville, sits the city of Murfreesboro. The town was established back in 1811 as the county seat of Rutherford County with the original name of “Cannonsburgh.” Not long thereafter though the town was renamed “Murfreesboro” in honor of Revolutionary War hero Colonel Hardy Murfree. For a short period of time, from 1818 to 1826, Murfreesboro served as the state capitol before it was replaced by Nashville, the current capitol. Prior to the Civil War, Murfreesboro had grown from an agricultural community to a center of academia.

The numerous colleges and centers of learning in the area eventually lead to the city’s nickname as the “Athens of Tennessee.” Given its geographic location, however, the town saw a considerable amount of action during the Civil War. In fact, one of the bloodiest battles of the War, the Battle of Stones River, was fought in Murfreesboro. Fortunately, the destruction caused by the war was short lived and the town began to flourish again shortly after the end of the conflict, unlike many other areas of the South. Throughout the middle part of the 20th century the City of Murfreesboro continued to grow and diversify into manufacturing and industry as well as education. Since 1965, Murfreesboro has been home to Middle Tennessee State University, adding to the “college town” vibe of the city.

Murfreesboro Today

According to the U.S. Census figures, the population of Murfreesboro has almost doubled since the start of the 21st century, climbing from about 68,000 residents in 2000 to just over 120,000 permanent residents in 2014. Given its proximity to the City of Nashville, however, the city is considered part of the Nashville Metropolitan Area which has a population of 1.8 million. In addition, Middle Tennessee State University, the state’s largest university, has an undergraduate population of around 25,000 students in any given year which serves to swell the population of Murfreesboro for nine months out of the year.

Census data tells us that Murfreesboro is 75 percent Caucasian, 15 percent African American, and about six percent Hispanic. Almost half (44 percent) of households are married couples and one in three households has children under the age of 18 living at home. Single individuals make up 29 percent of all households with seven percent of those being single individuals over the age of 65 living alone. The median age is 29 with 23 percent of the population falling into the “under 18” age bracket, 21 percent in the 18-24 bracket, 31 percent in the 25-44 bracket, 17 percent on the 45-64 bracket, and almost nine percent belonging to the “over 65” age bracket. The median income for a household was just below $40,000 with a family’s median income falling just above $52,000 a year. Just over 14 percent of the entire population and over one in ten seniors lives below the poverty line in Murfreesboro.

The Murfreesboro Community

Due in large part to the presence of the university, Murfreesboro is more of a cultured city than many cities of comparable size. The Murfreesboro Center for the Arts (CFTA) , located close to the downtown Historic Square brings musicals, theatre performances, and art exhibits to the area. Each year, the International Folk Fest is held during the second week of June, bringing dancers and spectators from around the world. Families with children, and those who are young at heart, will enjoy the Discovery Center at Murfree Springs, a hands-on children’s museum. For those who prefer to spend their day shopping, the Stones River Mall and The Avenue Murfreesboro both provide traditional mall atmospheres while the Historic District downtown offers more eclectic boutique shopping. Information about current events, city government, and general community issues can be found on the Murfreesboro City Website.

Bennett | Michael | Hornsby in the Community

The law firm of Bennet | Michaels | Hornsby is located on the Historic Square in downtown Murfreesboro. Both of the firm’s founding partners, Stan Bennett and Dinah Michael, are native Tennesseans. Attorney Bennett was born and raised right here in Murfreesboro while attorney Michael was born and raised in nearby Nashville. Brad Hornsby has practiced law in Murfreesboro for 35 years. Our attorneys are committed to serving the community they call home and the people who they call neighbors with their legal needs.

If you need legal advice or representation in a family law, personal injury, or criminal law matter in the Murfreesboro area the team at Bennett | Michael | Hornsby would be honored to assist you. We understand that the legal system can be intimidating and difficult to navigate, particularly during times of stress, as is often the case when a lawsuit or prosecution is threatened or underway. . Contact the team at Bennett | Michael | Hornsby today by calling 615-898-1560 to schedule your free consultation and find out how we can help you.

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