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The victim of a trucking accident often suffers serious, even fatal, injuries as a result of the sheer size and weight of the truck involved in the collision. For a victim who survives a trucking accident, the future is often clouded by both physical and emotional pain. For the survivors of a fatally injured victim, the future is one of unimaginable emotional pain as well as financial hardship in many cases. Nothing can turn back the clock and prevent the collision from happening; however, as a victim or a surviving family member you can ensure that the party responsible for your pain or loss is held responsible.

At Bennett | Michael | Hornsby, Attorneys at Law, our trucking accident attorneys understand how a trucking accident can devastate the life of a victim, or of surviving family members of a collision that caused fatal injuries. As a result, we are dedicated to ensuring that victims receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled for the injuries they suffered in a trucking accident.

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Trucking Accident

Our trucking accident attorneys understand how a trucking accident can devastate the life of a victim, or of surviving family members.

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What Causes Trucking Accidents?

Although many truck drivers are law abiding, conscientious drivers, it only takes one act of negligence to cause massive devastation and loss when that act of negligence occurs behind the wheel of a semi-truck. Some of the more common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Drowsy driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Vehicle defects

Many of these contributing factors are also commonly seen in passenger vehicle collisions; however, a drowsy driver or a driver who is texting while driving becomes considerably more deadly to everyone on the roadway when that driver is behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler.

How Are Trucking Accidents Different Than Car Accidents?

A collision involving a tractor-trailer, or other large truck, physically different than one with a passenger vehicle, and it presents different legal issues as well in many cases.

The average weight of a passenger vehicle is around 4,000 pounds while that of a fully loaded tractor-trailer can top 80,000 pounds. It isn’t difficult to see why victims of trucking accidents so often suffer life-altering injuries – if they survive the collision. For this reason alone, trucking accident cases are often more complicated because of the severity and extent of the injuries the victims suffer.  Sadly, the fact that trucking accidents so often result in fatal injuries also makes determining fault more complicated as an essential witness to the collision is not available.

Trucking accidents also present legal challenges not often found in a passenger vehicle collision lawsuit. Specifically, in a trucking accident it is not uncommon to name multiple defendants as potentially negligent, or responsible parties in the lawsuit. Everyone from the driver, to the trucking company, to the truck manufacturer could potentially be held responsible for injuries caused in a trucking collision case.

At Bennett | Michael | Hornsby, Attorneys at Law we understand the unique challenges present in a trucking accident case as well as the depth of the injuries often caused by a negligent trucker in a Murfreesboro, Tennessee trucking accident.

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