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A probation violation is a serious matter that deserves immediate attention. During the period that you are on probation the court retains jurisdiction over you, and you must answer to the court if summoned. If the court believes that you willfully violated the conditions of probation, and the violation is serious, you could wind up back in jail or prison.

At Bennett & Michael, Attorneys at Law, our probation violation attorneys understand the potential consequences of a probation violation and are skilled at defending individuals accused of probation violations in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Contact us today at 615.898.1560 to schedule a free consultation.

Probation Basics in Murfreesboro and Smyrna, Tennessee Courts

Probation is typically ordered in lieu of, or sometimes in addition to, a period of incarceration.  The court will usually impose a jail sentence and then suspend the sentence in whole or in part, and allow the defendant to serve that time on probation instead.  In Murfreesboro, Tennessee misdemeanor probationers are supervised by PCC, a private contractor who works with the court to manage probation.  State probation officers supervise felony probationers.

Although probation conditions may be different according to the type of conviction, common conditions include:

  • Reporting to your probation officer as directed
  • Good and lawful behavior (not committing any new crimes)
  • Maintaining employment or enrollment in school
  • Submitting to random drug/alcohol screens
  • Completing counseling or treatment if ordered to do so
  • Paying court costs, restitution, probation fees, fines

What Happens If You Violate Your Probation?

Typically, your probation officer has the authority to file a violation with the court if he or she believes you have violated a condition of your probation. The court will then review the notice of violation and decide if a warrant should be issued. Once “violated,” you must be booked and post bond on the violation, or remain in jail until your assigned court date.  Once in court you have the right to be represented by an attorney and to present a defense at a revocation hearing. If the court decides you did violate your probation the court can do a number of things depending on the circumstances, to include:

  • Revoke your probation and order you to serve time in jail or prison, even up to the entire length of your original sentence.
  • Allow you to continue on probation, but add additional conditions to your probation such as home detention, completion of an alcohol/drug evaluation.
  • Extend your probation period.
  • Continue you on probation with no change.

Often, there are good explanations and extenuating circumstances for the alleged probation violation. At Bennett & Michael, Attorneys at Law we are committed to ensuring that the court hears your particular circumstances and defenses, and considers all reasonable alternatives to jail time before rendering its decision in your Murfreesboro, Tennessee probation violation case. Contact us today at 615.898.1560 to schedule a free consultation with the experienced Murfreesboro, Tennessee probation violation attorneys.

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