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If you have been charged with domestic assault in Tennessee, you undoubtedly know that you face a term of incarceration or probation along with fees and fines if convicted. What you may not know are all the non-judicial consequences of a domestic assault conviction. A domestic assault conviction in Tennessee carries serious non-judicial consequences that extend far beyond the courtroom and understanding those consequences is crucial for anyone charged with domestic assault. Toward that end, a Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer at Bennett | Michael | Hornsby discusses the non-judicial consequences of a domestic assault conviction in Tennessee.

Consequences of a Conviction for Domestic Assault

A domestic assault conviction in Tennessee carries far-reaching non-judicial consequences that can impact nearly every aspect of your life and theMurfreesboro criminal defense attorney repercussions of a conviction can be life-altering and long-lasting. Consider some common consequences that you face above and beyond the sentence handed down by a judge:

  • Employment: Many employers conduct background checks as part of the hiring process, and a conviction can raise red flags. Certain professions, particularly those in education, healthcare, and law enforcement, have strict policies against hiring individuals with criminal convictions. Even if you are already employed, your current job may be at risk if you hold a professional license, such as a nursing or real estate license, because a conviction can lead to suspension or revocation of that license.
  • Loss of Firearm Rights: Federal law prohibits individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from purchasing or possessing firearms. This restriction can impact both personal and professional aspects of your life, particularly if you are employed in a field that requires the use of a firearm.
  • Housing: Securing housing can be challenging with a domestic assault conviction on your record because landlords often perform background checks on potential tenants, and a conviction can result in a denial of your rental application. This is especially true for rental properties that receive federal funding, as they are required to follow stringent guidelines regarding criminal history. Even if you currently have stable housing, a conviction can lead to eviction, particularly if the incident occurred on the rental property.
  • Immigration: For non-citizens, a domestic assault conviction can have severe immigration consequences. You may face deportation or be deemed inadmissible for reentry into the United States. Additionally, a conviction can hinder your ability to obtain or renew visas or green cards, and it may negatively impact your eligibility for naturalization.
  • Education: A domestic assault conviction can also hinder educational opportunities. Colleges and universities may deny admission to applicants with criminal records, and those already enrolled may face disciplinary actions, including suspension or expulsion. Moreover, certain scholarships and financial aid programs may be unavailable to individuals with a criminal conviction, making it more difficult to finance your education.
  • Loss of Civil Rights: A conviction for felony domestic assault can lead to the loss of certain civil rights. In Tennessee, this can include the right to vote, the right to serve on a jury, and the right to hold public office. While some of these rights can be restored over time, the process can be lengthy and complicated.
  • Personal Relationships: A domestic assault conviction can strain personal relationships and disrupt family dynamics. Wrose still, custody battles can become more complicated, as courts often consider the criminal history of a parent when making custody and visitation decisions. In addition, if a protective order is issued as part of your conviction, you may be legally required to stay away from certain individuals, potentially including your own children or family members.

If you have been accused of domestic assault in Tennessee, it is imperative that you understand all the potential consequences of a conviction before deciding how to move forward with your case. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way to ensure that you are fully informed and that your rights are protected throughout the prosecution of your case.

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