Why Is Divorce So Expensive ? 5 Reasons

When you think about divorce you probably think about the emotional impact the divorce process will have on you and your family. Divorce can also have a significant financial impact on everyone involved. Why is divorce so expensive? To help answer that question, a Murfreesboro divorce attorney at Bennett | Michael | Hornsby explains five reasons why your divorce might end up being expensive.

  • Conflict: It is normal, even common, for there to be a certain amount of conflict present when a couple goes through a divorce. After all, they decided to end their marriage. Nevertheless, a divorce does not have to be contentious. It can be civil. When a divorce is contentious, however, the inability to agree on issues or a tendency to create problems can increase legal fees. Unnecessary conflict can also lead to more time spent in court with attorneys and other legal professionals, resulting in higher legal fees for both sides. If the goal is to keep the financial impact of your divorce at a minimum, try to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently. 
    1. Lack of planning: While it is personal for the parties, at its heart a divorce is a legal process. Just as you would thoroughly prepare for any other civil lawsuit, you should prepare for your divorce to the extent possible. If you anticipate that divorce is in your future, start preparing by doing things such as preparing a detailed list of marital and separate assets as well as a corresponding list of debts. Start prioritizing what you want out of the divorce and thinking about where you are willing to compromise. If possible, try and talk to your spouse and reach a tentative agreement that resolves as many issues as possible before you even begin the divorce process. 
  • Complexity: The longer a couple is married, the more assets and debts they’re likely to have, which can make the marital estate more complicated to divide. High asset divorces tend to be complicated by nature as do divorces that involve minor children. While it may not be possible to completely remove these complications, simplifying the divorce process as much as possible keeps the overall cost of the divorce down.
  • Unwillingness to negotiate: Depending on the factors that led to the divorce, one or both parties may be tempted to plant their feet and refuse to budge on issues – often simply because they know how important the issue is to their spouse. Keep in mind that a lack of cooperation can increase the time and money spent resolving issues. You may be hurting yourself as much as your spouse if you are unwilling to negotiate, Moreover, if the court is forced to decide contested issues, the court will effectively do the negotiating for you by dividing debts and assets in an “equitable” manner (for asset division) and deciding issues involving the minor children using the “best interest of the children” standard.
  • Failing to hire a lawyer: If you have a very simple divorce, meaning neither party is claiming fault, assets and debts are modest, and there are no children involved, you can likely save money by proceeding pro se (without an attorney); however, in most divorces, hiring an experienced divorce attorney to represent you actually saves you money in the long run. An attorney can ensure you file all your paperwork on time and avoid late fees, represent your interests in court and make sure you are aware of any money or assets that you are entitled to from the marriage. Your attorney also has an expert knowledge of the laws relating to the division of assets, alimony, and child support, as well as experience with the court and the judge presiding over your case. All of these things help ensure that you do not get the “short end of the stick” financially at the end of the divorce process. 

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