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How to Celebrate “National Ex-Spouse Day” April 14th

child supportYes, there is an official day for that! April 14th is celebrated as “National Ex-Spouse Day” each year in the United States. You might be asking why anyone would want to celebrate their ex-spouse? More importantly, how do you celebrate your ex-spouse? Before you write off the idea altogether, consider the following suggestions from a Murfreesboro divorce lawyer at Bennett, Michael & Hornsby about how to celebrate National Ex-Spouse Day this year.

History of National Ex-Spouse Day

Couples get divorced for a reason. Whatever that reason might be in your case, you are likely wondering why someone decided to dedicate a day to celebrating ex-spouses. Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, Missouri came up with the idea back in 1987. His goal was to help dissolve the bitterness that is often associated with divorce. In its inaugural year, Rev. Coleman offered buttons that read, “I’m OK – You’re History,” to help lighten the day. If you have children with your ex-spouse, it may be impossible to truly consider him/her history; however, you can focus on the “I’m OK” part of that sentiment when you celebrate National Ex-Spouse Day this year.

5 Positive Ways to Celebrate National Ex-Spouse Day

Some couples manage to get along better after a divorce than they did during the marriage. If you are one of those people who has remained friends with your former spouse, celebrating Ex-Spouse Day should be easy enough. For couples who went through (or are going through) a contentious divorce, it might take a conscious effort to celebrate a former spouse this Ex-Spouse Day. Here are some ideas that might help you:

  • Focus on one way in which your life is better. You may not have wanted the divorce. You may even have suffered financially and/or emotionally because of the divorce. There is undoubtedly something, however, that is better about your life post-divorce. Focus on that one thing and remember that it would not be better if not for the divorce.
  • Make the day about your children. If you have children with your ex-spouse, you would not have those children if not for him/her. No matter how you feel about your former spouse on a personal level, remember that your children are the result of the love you once had for him/her. With that in mind, spend National Ex-Spouse Day doing something with your kids.
  • Forgive your ex-spouse. Its is all too easy to harbor anger and resentment for the actions (or inactions) of an ex-spouse that contributed to a divorce long after the marriage ends. If you are still angry at your former spouse, choose something that you can forgive and do so for Ex-Spouse Day. Even forgiving something minor will likely make you feel better and may lead to more forgiveness down the road. 
  • Extend an olive branch. If you have not spoken to your ex-spouse, or your only communication is laced with negativity, try extending an olive branch on National Ex-Spouse Day. You cannot control how your ex will react; however, you may feel lighter and less emotionally drained if you take the initiative and take the first step toward a more positive post-divorce relationship with your former spouse.
  • Let go of the past.  Divorce can be extremely difficult for several reasons. An adversarial divorce leaves everyone emotionally exhausted. The financial disparity between the parties following a divorce can be hard to manage. If you did not want the divorce in the first place, it can be even harder to move on after the divorce. Regardless of the reason that you are stuck in the past, make a commitment to let go and move forward on National Ex-Spouse Day. You cannot change the past, but you can decide what your future looks like.

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