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How to I Pick the Best DUI Lawyer Near Me?

If you were recently arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) you need to hire a DUI lawyer to protect and defend you. If you have never been involved in the criminal justice system before, you’re first thought is likely – how do I pick the best DUI lawyer near me? To get you started, a Murfreesboro DUI lawyer at Bennett, Michael & Hornsby offers some tips for picking the best DUI lawyer for your case.

Tips for Picking Your DUI Lawyer

  1. Consider what you want/need in a DUI lawyer.  Obviously, you want a DUI lawyer with thegive blood, dui experience and resources to successfully represent you; however, “representing” you in a DUI case can mean different things. For some defendant’s, a DUI conviction comes with secondary consequences that can be more important than the court imposes sentence. For example, a DUI conviction could result in professional discipline or jeopardize parenting time with children. If you are in such a position, you need a DUI lawyer who is known for taking cases to trial and winning. If all you want is a lawyer to negotiate the most favorable guilty plea agreement possible, then focus on finding one who has the experience and negotiating skills to accomplish that goal. Finally, if you have specials needs, such a lawyer who has evening/weekend hours or one who speaks a second language, make sure to take those needs into consideration when picking your DUI lawyer.
  2. Ask friends, family members, and colleagues for a referral.  Not everyone will feel comfortable discussing their DUI arrest with friends, family members, and/or colleagues; however, if you are comfortable sharing your situations with any of these people you may find them to be your best source for a referral. If they have never been arrested for DUI personally, the odds are good that they have a close friend or family member who has, meaning they can offer first-hand knowledge about a DUI lawyer near you.
  3. Search local and state Bar Associations.  Bar associations can help you find attorneys who practice the type of law you need as well as provide you with basic information about the attorney/law firm. The Tennessee Bar Association has an entire section devoted to helping the public locate an attorney. You can also search the Rutherford and Cannon County Bar Association for attorneys who handle criminal cases.
  4. Check out websites. In the 21st century, an attorney’s website will typically provide you with a wealth of information about the attorney and/or firm. Most websites provide bios for the attorneys that can tell you how long the attorney has been practicing as well as what type of law he/she practices along with a synopsis of any major achievements or important cases attributed to the attorney. You may also be able to find helpful information such as office hours, fee practices, and courts in which the attorneys typically practice.
  5. Schedule more than one consultation. Most DUI lawyers will offer a brief free or low-cost consultation. Take advantage of this option by scheduling two or three after conducting all your preliminary research. During your consultations, be very clear on your goals for your case and have a select few important questions prepared to make sure you don’t forget any of them. While experience, resources, and other practical considerations are important, you should also feel comfortable with the lawyer you choose. Finally, be sure to pay attention to the staff and how they interact with you as you will likely spend as much time communicating with them as you will with your lawyer. A competent, dependable, and friendly support staff is an important asset to any law practice and worthy of consideration when deciding who to hire to represent you for your DUI case.

How Do I Contact a DUI Lawyer Near Me?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Tennessee, contact a Murfreesboro DUI lawyer at Bennett, Michael & Hornsby to discuss your legal options. Contact the team today by calling 615-898-1560 to schedule your appointment.


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