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How to Know When Your Marriage Is Headed for Divorce

Just as the decision to marry is one that can only be made by the parties getting married, the decision to end the marriage cannot be made by anyone but the spouses. It can also be difficult to predict which marriages will last and which will end in divorce. There are, however, some common signs that a marriage may end in the near future. With that in mind, a Murfreesboro divorce attorney at Bennett | Michael | Hornsby discusses some common signs that indicate your marriage is headed for divorce.

  • Increasingly physical confrontations. Domestic violence is always a problem in a marriage; however, just because yourMurfreesboro criminal defense attorney partner isn’t actually hitting you doesn’t mean the marriage is fine. If you notice an increase in anger, especially if it is expressed physically, it is a sign that the marriage is headed into dangerous territory.
  • Toxic criticism. Toxic criticism is the opposite of constructive criticism. Instead of being used to help your partner, it is used to belittle or hurt your partner. It also tends to be constant and overly critical. For example, saying “you never clean up the house” you are implying that your spouse never, ever, does anything helpful around the house – which is likely an exaggeration and meant to be hurtful instead of helpful.
  • Constantly trying to “keep the peace.” If your relationship has shifted from focusing on having fun together to just trying to keep the peace, it is definitely a sign that the marriage is in trouble.
  • Lack of intimacy. While there can be all kinds of legitimate reasons why your sex life is not what it once was, lack of intimacy can point to a problem. Intimacy includes more than just sex. Holding hands, cuddling, sharing concerns and problems are all acts of intimacy that should occur in a healthy marriage.
  • Shutting down communication. Are one or both of you stonewalling when there is a problem? When a spouse regularly shuts down communication or physically leaves in the middle of conversations, it can indicate a problem. Sometimes it is best to walk away when things get heated; however, if communication is always shut down, nothing will get resolved.
    1. Feelings of contempt. Although people often refer to hate as the opposite of love, the truth is that contempt can really be thought of as the opposite of love. Showing contempt for your spouse by rolling your eyes, mocking, being overly sarcastic, or being dismissive of your spouse or the things that matter to him/her can destroy a marriage.
  • Seeking emotional support elsewhere. “Cheating” is typically defined as having a physical relationship with someone other than your spouse; however, seeking emotional support from someone outside your marriage can be a sign that the marriage is in trouble. That emotional support can turn to a physical relationship but even if it doesn’t, the fact that you cannot confide in your spouse is a problem. 
  • Taking a defensive position. We all get defensive sometimes; however, if taking a defensive position becomes the default mode for one or both spouses, it can indicate that there is a deeper problem in the marriage.

No one understands your marriage better than you do. That means that you are in the best position to know whether there are signs that indicate your marriage may be headed for divorce. If divorce does appear inevitable, it may be time to shift your focus to protecting yourself in the impending divorce.

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