Free Report: Tennessee Traffic Stops: What to Expect and What Is Illegal

Tennessee Traffic Stops What to Expect and What Is IllegalKeep in mind that the legal issues surrounding traffic stops are extremely fact dependent, meaning that a small change in the fact pattern between two similar stops could result in different legal analyses with regard to the legality of the stop and subsequent investigation.

Topics covered in this whitepaper include:

  1. Your Basic 4th Amendment Rights
  2. When Can an Officer Stop a Vehicle?
  3. Is a Traffic Stop a “Seizure?”
  4. Are “Pretextual” Stops Allowed?
  5. The Limits of a Traffic Stop – Can the Police Conduct a Search?
  6. Defining “Probable Cause”
  7. Can a K-9 Unit Be Called Out to “Search” My Vehicle during a Traffic Stop?
  8. What about Passengers?

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Stan Bennett