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Helping Your Criminal Defense Lawyer — 5 Things You Can Do

If you are the defendant in a criminal prosecution, your criminal defense attorney is your lifeline. While it is your attorney’s job to protect and defend you, you have the ability to make your federal crimes prosecutionlawyer’s job easier – or harder. A Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer at Bennett, Michael & Hornsby explains five things you can do to help your criminal defense lawyer.

  1. Do not lie or hide things from your lawyer.  Often, one of the most difficult things for a client to accept is the importance of being honest with their attorney. Sometimes this is because they have a general mistrust of anyone outside of their immediate circle or because they have a specific mistrust of anyone involved in the legal system. You only hurt yourself and your defense, however, by not being honest with your defense lawyer. Your attorney will not ask you about something unless he/she needs to know the answer. If you attorney does ask you about something, however, it means that the information is important to your defense so do not outright lie and do not hold back critical information.  Keep in mind that anything you share with your defense attorney is confidential. 
  2. Be prepared and organized. Take the time to go through all documents you have regarding the case and make copies to give to your attorney prior to your initial consultation. Also, sit down and write out your version of the events that are relevant to the charges against you and make a list of potential witnesses. From that point on, always show up to appointments prepared and never appear in court late. 
  3. Trust your lawyer to do his/her job. You are understandably worried about the outcome of your case; however, rushing your defense, or rushing into a plea agreement is rarely in your best interest. It takes time to go over everything the state provides and then develop a potentially winning defense. Try and have patience and trust that your attorney is investigating the case and communicating with the prosecution. Much of what a criminal defense attorney does occurs behind the scenes in the form of research and negotiations. Just because you do not see what your attorney is doing does not mean that he/she is not actively working your case.
  4. Have realistic expectations about the outcome of your case. If you hired an experienced criminal defense attorney for his/her expertise, guidance, and advice, listen to that guidance and advice. Do not make the mistake of ignoring it. Be realistic about what your attorney can, and cannot, do for you. For example, if you know you are guilty, the State’s evidence against you is overwhelming, and the police did not violate any of your rights, a conviction may be unavoidable. Expecting your attorney to perform a miracle and get an acquittal is simply unrealistic. 
  5. Stay out of trouble while your case is pending. If you are out on bail during the pendency of your case, you are expected to abide by the terms and conditions of your release. If you want to help your defense lawyer, do not get arrested for another offense while out on bail and do not otherwise violate the terms of your release. Not only do you risk going back to jail, but it makes it much more difficult for your attorney to negotiate a plea on your behalf, convince a judge of something relating to you, or make a convincing argument for leniency during sentencing if you are ultimately convicted. 

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